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Shopping for a Wedding Dress in Airdrie & Calgary

At our Airdrie bridal boutique, Taffeta and Tulle Bridal, we know how important it is to find just the right bridal gown for your wedding day. We also know how challenging this experience can be for many brides. In order to help you make your shopping experience more productive and more enjoyable, we want to provide you with a few helpful tips.

Here are five tips to consider when shopping for that perfect wedding dress:

  • Ask to sit down in your dress. Many salons do not want you to sit down in the dress you are considering. Why? Because many sales are lost when a bride checks out the comfort of the dress vs. the look of the dress. Keep in mind the activities of your day, whether you will be in and out of vehicles, on a horse, on a bike, on the back of a hay wagon, etc. You want to be able to enjoy the activities of your wedding day without the restraining movements of your gown.
  • Don’t judge a dress by the way it looks on the hanger. Keeping an open mind about the style of dresses you try on is a very wise decision. Many brides purchase gowns that they never thought they would love had they not given the dress a chance. Stay open-minded about the dresses you try on, especially at the beginning of your search.
  • Bring a limited number of guests. Naturally you want to include important people during your dress shopping. You value their opinions, and it’s wonderful to share your excitement with people you trust and love. Know that the more people you invite to shop with you, the more varied the opinions will be. Bridal salons welcome a few guests, but anything over five people becomes very hard to manage, for both the sales consultant and the bride. You want the experience to be about you, not anyone else. In this case, the more the merrier is often not true.
  • Don’t overshop. Try a variety of styles. Experts recommend trying on no more than about 10 to 12 gowns, or you will be overwhelmed and confused. Once you love a dress and it speaks to your heart, listen to it! If you compare all other dresses to that beauty, feel confident that it’s your dress.
  • When you’ve bought your dress, stop looking. Once you’ve purchased your dress, stop looking at others. There will always be something new or different, or something that you would like to try on. You can drive yourself crazy thinking about what else there is out there.

Choices to Consider

Shopping for your wedding dress is one of the most important things you do while preparing for your wedding. While it is an exciting time, it can quickly become a daunting task once you start considering the multitude of choices such as style, colour, price, and more.

The following are five choices and tips to consider when you are shopping for your wedding dress:

  • White or ivory? - There is no right and there is no wrong when deciding to choose either a white gown or an ivory gown. In Western Canada, far more brides choose to wear an ivory gown. In Eastern Canada and much of the U.S., it’s the other way around. Ivory is generally easier to wear for fairer skin tones. A white dress typically suits a bride with darker skin tones. Keep in mind that both colors present in what appears to be white, and there’s little difference in photographs. Buy what you like best. Just make sure your partner is wearing the corresponding white or ivory shirt.
  • Corset or zipper? - Lace-up or corset backs seem to be the preference for many brides. They assume that the fit is better than with a zipper, which initially it actually may be. Once a dress is altered properly to fit your body, both zipper and lace-up gowns are equally beautiful. A lace-up back is definitely more forgiving if weight loss, or gain, occurs. Most wedding gowns require a bit of bust alteration, so don’t assume you can forego that necessity just because your gown is a lace-up.
  • Conventional or not? - Wedding gowns need to scream YOU. If that means a traditional gown, as with most brides, then alleluia! But if you are an edgy bride who is more likely to push limits and boundaries and you have a partner who loves that about you, you might consider something a bit out of the ordinary. There’s no right, and there’s no wrong. It’s all about who you are!
  • Buying a sample gown - Beware! Many bridal salons sell their sample gowns after they have been discontinued or overly tried on. They can offer a nice discount on the dress, but don’t be fooled – sample gowns, for the most part, are dresses that are far from their prime. Just because a dress looks clean, this does not mean it is. Girls visit our shop every week without any underwear on (that’s right, no underwear at all), and I send them out to buy panties. The inside of a dress does not always tell the tale, but let me assure you, if you buy a sample gown off the rack at a traditional bridal store, get it dry-cleaned!
  • It goes without saying, buy underwear. - Many brides are unsure of the undergarments to wear for an appointment. Keep it simple and covered! Wear a bra, preferably strapless. Wear panties, not a thong. If you will be wearing a foundation garment (such as Spanx), then wear that, too.

Making Sure Your Dress Fits Perfectly

Unless your wedding dress has been tailor-made, every wedding gown requires a little tweaking to make it fit perfectly! Don't forego alterations to save money.

Here are a few things to consider to make your dress fit just right on your special day:

  • Bodice - Almost every strapless gown requires a bit of bust work to make it sit snuggly.
  • Length - All hems should be slightly above the floor and not touching.
  • Bustles - Bustles need to be secure. Make sure you know how to bustle your dress when you leave your alterationist. Have her / him show you and practice a time or two before your wedding day. You should be comfortable with this to avoid any wedding day glitches.
  • Clear communication - Talk to the person doing your alterations and make sure you both have the same vision of the work to be done. You don’t want any permanent alterations completed that you did not anticipate because you didn’t take the time to make sure you were on the same page before the work started.
  • Speaking up about mistakes - When you pick up your dress, if you aren’t happy with the way it fits or the quality of the work, express that and get it rectified before you leave with the dress. This is your special day. You have a right to expect perfection!

What do you want your dress to say about you?

Any bride knows that there is huge significance in her bridal gown. It makes a statement about who she is, including her personality traits, values, and beliefs.

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